© PointImages / Shutterstock The activity (or participation) rate measures the share of working-age people who are in the labour force, including both those in employment and unemployment. There has been a constant growth in activity rates among developed countries during the last decades.  The EU used to trail the US and some other developed […]

The European Commission published its fourth monitoring report in which it gathers good practices of projects across Europe, which on the one hand focused on the Your First EURES Job (YfEJ) initiative, and on the other on projects relating to employment, social protection and working conditions (the so-called PROGRESS axis of EaSI) This monitoring is […]

Utilities (water, energy, transport and postal services) are essential services that play a vital role in economic and social development. The introduction of rules coordinating procedures for the award of contracts in these sectors is due to:  the different circumstances under which entities operate in Member States.  the closed nature of the markets in which […]

© hramovnick / Shutterstock There is no doubt that immigration will stay high on the political agenda in the coming years – and it is important that the issue is debated on the basis of solid evidence. A chapter in the recently published tries to provide some much-needed facts and figures. It looks at opportunities […]

(From ) The overall objective of this call aims at establishing best practices in tackling youth unemployment by helping young people create and work in co-operatives and at creating dedicated programmes, schemes and training modules for young people to set up and manage co-operative enterprises. Eligible applicants Applicants must be established in one of the […]

12 April 2016 The slow but consistent recovery of the EU’s economy continues, accompanied by a gradual increase in the employment rate and a gradual decline in the unemployment rate. View more: http://innolabsplus.eu/en/articles/employment-quarterly-review-highlights-steady-improvement-activity-rate-eu

09 May 2016 European Parliament’s committees are primarily responsible for preparing the legislative work for Parliament’s plenary, on the basis of which it adopts legislative resolutions. View more: http://innolabsplus.eu/en/articles/european-parliament-committee-meetings-46

08 April 2016 Published : Fri, 08 Apr 2016 The life of an enterprise isn’t always rosy; we tend to forget that some entrepreneurs may not be initially successful and their businesses may face serious problems or even collapse. At the same time, learning … View more: http://innolabsplus.eu/en/articles/second-chance-entrepreneurs-failure-success

07 April 2016 Published : Thu, 07 Apr 2016 The aim of the study ‘Mapping and performance check of the supply side of tourism education and training’ is to determine whether tourism education and training systems are fit for purpose in providing the neces… View more: http://innolabsplus.eu/en/articles/eu-tourism-skills-mapping-and-performance-check-supply-side-tourism-education-and-training

30 March 2016 Published : Wed, 30 Mar 2016 The All U Need is Space web game is designed to bring young students closer to the benefits of space applications. To be used in schools or at home, it shows how space technologies and applications can … View more: http://innolabsplus.eu/en/articles/all-u-need-space-web-game