Call for applications for membership in the Commission expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products

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The European Commission has launched a call for applications aiming at supporting the development of possible process and product criteria for secondary raw materials that could be used in the production of fertilising products.

The initiative follows the . This revision provides an opportunity to make the recovery of nutrients from waste and other non-traditional sources a more attractive business across Europe, thus contributing to the Circular economy.

The call for applications is open for experts other than EU national authorities. The selected applicants will be given membership in the Commission expert group on recovery rules for fertilising products, and the members of the group shall be selected among:

a)      EFTA Member States and candidate accession countries: the authorities of such states involved in activities related to fertilisers and/or nutrient recovery from waste, biological materials or industrial by-products, at national, regional or local level are allowed to apply as observers

b)      EU trade/business/professional associations ()

c)      EU non-governmental organisations (NGOs) ()

d)     EU think tanks, research and academic institutions ().

Interested organisations are asked to submit their application to the European Commission no later than 3 June 2016 to the following email address:

For detailed information on the practical aspects of the expert group, including application requirements and selection criteria, please consult .